Investment Case

Five reasons why you should invest in Vicklimited

  • Operating in two distinctly separate sectors within the UK motor retail market gives us a unique and diverse business structure.
  • Our core strategy revolves around having the right brands in the right locations with excellent execution.
  • We have and will continue to improve the balance of our portfolio of franchise representation, investing in ‘best in class’ dealership facilities to enhance customer experience.
  • Along with our strong balance sheet, we have the financial security to grow the business through further strategic acquisitions at a time when there are significant consolidation opportunities within the sector.
  • Our core strategy puts us in a strong position to take advantage of growth prospects across all areas of the business as well as consolidation opportunities in the sector, not least because businesses of scale will be the winners in our sector.
  • We are one of the leading automotive retail and aftersales groups in the UK.
  • With operations carried out across all four UK countries and Ireland, we have a presence in most of the major population centres.
  • Our scale allows us to select high quality opportunities in the sector which fits our strict criteria.
  • A strategy underpinned by having:
    • The best brands
    • The best locations
    • Excellent execution
  • Proactive management of our portfolio
  • Solid pipeline of acquisition opportunities
  • Continued investment in customer experience

VICKLIMITED investing is a leading UK motor retail and aftersale service group and is listed on the london stock exchange , Vicklimited strategy is to have the right brands in the right location, alongside excellent service

Trusted experience. Integrated solutions.

VICKLIMITED, We integrate a world of experience and expertise to amplify insights, develop future-ready solutions and deliver enduring value across the lifecycle of assets which enables her investors to earn a passive income through there investment with the company infrastructure and resources projects.


VICKLIMITED purpose is to help people to build and protect wealth so they can enjoy the life they want. To achieve this goal we need to run a sustainable, profitable business where all staff are valued and have an understanding of how their role contributes to this purpose.


We are empowered to deliver We work as one team to deliver excellence; We understand what’s expected of us, take personal responsibility for getting things done and trust others to do the same. We expect courageous long-term thinking We are open to new ideas; We seek diverse perspectives, consider the big picture and think about the long term when making decisions and solving problems; We are prepared to challenge the status quo, make tough decisions and learn from our mistake.


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